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We are happy to offer you the Ultimate Trappist Collection, which contains all available for sale legend Trappist beers (330 ml bottles):
- Achel Blond
- Achel Bruin
- Chimay Blue
- Chimay Rouge
- Chimay Triple
- La Trappe Blond
- La Trappe Puur
- La Trappe Dubbel
- La Trappe Isidor
- La Trappe Triple
- La Trappe Quadrupel
- La Trappe Witte
- Orval
- Rochefort 10
- Rochefort 8
- Rochefort 6
- Westmalle Dubbel
- Westmalle Tripel

As a courtesy and appreciation westvletern12.be will include one bottle of Westvleteren 12 beer free of charge.

Note: Per your request Westvleteren 12, it can be replaced with Westvleteren 6 or 8 or with Westmalle Extra (!).


Note: Neither Westmalle Extra nor Westvleteren Trappist beers are commercial items at Westvleteren12.be and this is limited time action, subject to availability. This offer is made available thanks to Beer Planet - specialized beer shop offering the largest selection of Belgian beers

Enjoy the ultimate Trappist Beer collection.

Ultimate Trappist Beer Collection

Box of all Trappist beers

Ultimate Trappist Beer Collection contains a pair of all available for sale legend Belgian and Dutch Trappist beers.